Thalias Kompagnons (Germany)


Aus dem Lehm gegriffen


SÃO LUIZ TEATRO MUNICIPAL - Sala Bernardo Sassetti

12 May at 11am (Sat)
13 May at 11am and 4pm (Sun)
14 to 18 May at 10.30am and 2.30pm (Mon to Fri) Sessions for Schools


Portuguese Premiere


Technique: Clay puppets Language: English, with Portuguese simultaneous translation by Madalena Marques For audiences over: +4 Running time: 35 min.


The sculptor is sitting at his small work table and playing with clay: he cuts, kneads, slaps, knocks, digs, hits, strokes, crumbles, squeezes, forms, splits, scrapes, bends, smudges, peels, scores, glues… 
In front of the audience, this lump of clay gives life to characters, dream-like landscapes, exotic plants, magical creatures, even monsters, fairies, gods!
And the clay? Is it really going to put up with all that? On the other hand - if something gets broken, would it be the end of the world? Not at all!
In his new performance Joachim Torbahn is devoted to one of humankind’s earliest means of expression: clay. It offers a myriad of creative possibilities and handling it is a very primal, sensuous pleasure. Whoever engages with it openly and wholeheartedly will find themselves wrapped up in primordial stories of creation and transformation.



Thalias Kompagnons was founded in 1990 by Tristan Vogt and Joachim Torbahn as a professional freelance touring company. In 1997 the company (in partnership with Theater Salz & Pfeffer) opened their own theatre in Nurnberg, Germany.
At FIMFA they already presented several creations, such as the opera The Magic Flute, in 2011.
Thalias Kompagnons tours to festivals both nationally and internationally. Their productions present an interesting mix between puppets, theatre, painting, music and animation and with their shows of theatre/painting – live painting/music they have created a special synthesis of art and theatre.



Idea and performer: Joachim Torbahn Direction: Tristan Vogt Photography: Bruno Weiß