FIMFA Lx18: Ada/Ava and Monkeys included in the list of best shows of 2018!

In Newspaper Expresso

★ ADA/AVA by Manual Cinema and MONKEYS by Amit Drori included in the List of Best Shows of 2018, in newspaper Expresso ★


Shows presented within the FIMFA Lx18 - International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms, at São Luiz Teatro Municipal.


"In FIMFA, Ada/Ava, shadow theatre and projections, by the North American Manual Cinema, contributed to the artistic invention in the world of animated forms, in which Amit Drori proposed, with Monkeys, a project in which the scene is populated only by robots."
-João Carneiro - Expresso, Revista E, p. 78 (22-12-2018)


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