IL CANTO DELLA CADUTA by Marta Cuscunà (Italy)

15 and 16 February (Fri, Sat) at 9pm

São Luiz Teatro Municipal


Portuguese Premiere


São Luiz Teatro Municipal - Sala Luis Miguel Cintra

15 and 16 February at 9pm (Fri, Sat)


The Italian director, puppeteer and playwright Marta Cuscunà brings a performance to Lisbon with mechanical crows, manipulated by means of technologies used in animatronics who help to tell a story loosely based on an ancestral legend.


A partnership between São Luiz Teatro Municipal and A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas


After-show discussion: Saturday, 16 February

Accessibility: Portuguese Sign Language + Audio description: Saturday, 16 February, 9pm

In Italian, with Portuguese subtitles | Running time: 60 mins, approx. | Age rate pending

€12 a €15 with discounts +info



The unique creations by Marta Cuscunà have an original poetics and language, expressed through visual theatre and puppets, with a great emotional force. At São Luiz Teatro Municipal we already could see the performances La semplicità ingannata and Sorry, Boys, that are part of her trilogy on the Female Resistance.


A bunch of animatronic crows and a small surviving community of children-puppets, inspired by the urban art of the artistic duo Herakut, are the new companions of Marta Cuscunà, on a new path of resistance.


Freely inspired by the myth of Fanes
Sources of thought and words: Kläre French-Wieser; Carol Gilligan; Ulrike Kindle; Giuliana Musso; Heinrich von Kleist and Christa Wolf


The myth of the Fanes is a popular tradition belonging to the Ladin people, a small ethnic minority living in the central valleys of the Dolomites.
It is an epic cycle that speaks of a peaceful kingdom led by female queens, destroyed by the onset of a new era of domination and the sword. It is the black fall song in the horror of war.
Today we are still immersed in a system of ceaseless wars. It seems that war is an inevitable part of mankind’s destiny. The myth of Fanes, on the contrary, speaks of a golden time of peace that was lost.

Il canto della caduta wants to bring to light the story of how we were, this desirable social alternative for the future of humanity, which is always presented as an unrealizable utopia. And instead, maybe, it already existed.
The central theme of the show is war. A war that is never seen on the scene. However, it is there, from the point of view of the only characters who always take advantage of this: the crows.

The crows of Il canto della caduta are manipulated through mechanical joysticks, designed and made by the scenographer Paola Villani, by using some animatronic technologies commonly applied to the world of special film effects and made with elements of industrial components.


The myth tells that the few survivors are still hidden in the bowels of the mountain together with their elderly queen, waiting for the golden age of rebirth to return. A golden time of peace when the people of the Fanes will finally be able to return to life.



Creation and performer: Marta Cuscunà Projection and animatronic direction: Paola Villani Assistant director: Marco Rogante Photography: Daniele Borghello Cooperation: Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas Technical Sponsors: igus® innovazione con i tecnopolimeri; Marta s.r.l. forniture per l’industria  Co-production: Centrale Fies, CSS Teatro stabile d’innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Teatro Stabile di Torino and São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Marta Cuscunà is part of the Fies Factory project of Centrale Fies


It is noted the presence of strong and repeated disturbing sounds and frequent flashes of light during the show.