Formiga Atómica (Portugal)




29 and 30 August at 7pm (Sat, Sun) 

Tickets: 8€ / 6€ (if you buy 3 or more tickets for the shows at Teatro do Bairro). +info


Technique: Objects Language: Portuguese For audiences over: +6 Running time: 50 min.


This show tells the story of a man and a herd of elephants. When the man dies, the elephants mysteriously come to his house, to pay him one last tribute: he was not just any man, he was one of them.

The Elephants Walk is about existence, life and death, and the path that we all have to make, one day, to say farewell to someone. A show that reflects on the ending, which is a mystery to all of us, children or adults.

The Elephants Walk was preceded by an extensive research work with around 200 children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old, through meetings and workshops. The collected material served as inspiration and content for the show, that FIMFA presented in 2014.


The Elephants Walk is a play for children and families in which death appears as a central theme, demystifying the way how it is perceived by children. It aims to provide an experience of an aesthetic and artistic nature that unleashes in the minds of children a reflective process based on sensitivity and emotions. Theatre is used as a mean of giving children access to more complex issues, so that they can deconstruct, simplify and understand them.”


The Elephants Walk aims to put two generations into dialogue about existence and loss. Absolutely not to be missed."
-Catarina Figueira, Time Out


“Oscillating between life and death (and their representations), with four shelters extended towards the sky, the company Formiga Atómica gently lifts the veil on a subject that remains a mystery: that of death. How to say goodbye to a loved one, friend or relative? How to talk to children about this painful loss that is part of life?
A beautiful proposal that brings the children's questions to a moment of exchange. With a relevant set of international presentations, this show touches the younger generations and raises questions about the concerns of our current society.”
-Paula Gomes,


“Alone on stage, Miguel Fragata, a young Portuguese artist, takes us on a wonderful journey through life and beyond. Thanks to an elaborate set design, the delicate subject of death is approached with kindness and humour.
A tale in which poetry and lighting game, veils, images and figurines serve as an imaginative and poignant description of the separation work needed at the moment of the loss of a loved one.”
-Vosges Matin



Formiga Atómica is a theatre company, founded and directed by Miguel Fragata and Inês Barahona. Their creations approach contemporary issues and are aimed to the entire public. Formiga Atómica shows are usually preceded by periods of research motivated by the issue and/or audiences they address. Among their creations stand out “A Caminhada dos Elefantes” (2013), “The Wall” (2015), “A Visita Escocesa” (2016), “Do Bosque para o Mundo” (2016), “Montanha-Russa” (2018) and “Fake” (2020).
The company regularly tours in Portugal, but also in France and Belgium, having conceived French versions of two of their shows, “La Marche des Éléphants” (2016) and “Au-Delà de la Forêt, Le Monde” (2017, opening show of the Festival d'Avignon (2018).




Direction: Miguel Fragata Text: Inês Barahona Performer: Miguel Fragata Scenography and costumes: Maria João Castelo Music: Fernando Mota Lighting: José Álvaro Correia Technical direction: Pedro Machado Production: Clara Antunes, Luna Rebelo / Formiga Atómica Photography: Filipe Ferreira, Susana Paiva Coproduction: Formiga Atómica, Artemrede - Teatros Associados, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Viriato Company sponsored by: República Portuguesa - Ministério da Cultura | DGArtes