Fernando Mota (Portugal)




18 May at 9pm (Tue)


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Technique: Sound object Age guidance: +8 Runs: Approx. 35 min.


Concerto para uma Árvore (Concert for a Tree) marks the beginning of a research on sound objects and experimental musical instruments created from trees and other natural materials.



The Hárvore instrument was created from an oak tree cut in a land clearing at the Serra de Montemuro in February 2020. During quarantine the oak was slowly transformed into a musical instrument, with strings stretched between its branches and bells as leaves. It is played with hands, violin bow, powerball, guitar slide, stones and sticks.


​This instrument and others such as the Ramira and the birdcage are the inspiration of this concert, the first station on a journey expected to be long, also focusing on the systems of communication and symbiosis between plants and trees and poetics about old age and memory.


At the invitation of FIMFA, Fernando Mota presents Concerto para uma Árvore, in a new adaptation.



Fernando Mota is a musician, composer and multidisciplinary artist.

Born in Lisbon in 1973. Has worked since 1994 with various theatre companies and directors in numerous productions as a composer and performer, often creating experimental musical instruments or sound objects for these. As a composer he has also collaborated with dance, cinema and other visual arts.

​Since 2000 he has directed and performed his own multidisciplinary creations, involving theatre, music, poetry and visual arts and developing a universal and communicating language. His instruments and objects have gained a symbolic and metaphorical level, often conveying themselves the theatrical or narrative discourse.




Created and performed by: Fernando Mota Production and coordination: Violeta Mandillo Technical operation: Catarina Côdea Photography: Mário Melo Costa, Vera Marmelo In the frame of: Projeto Embrião/FIMFA Lx - Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas/A Tarumba