Simone de Jong (Netherlands)



LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões

19 and 20 May at 10.30am and 2.30pm (Thu, Fri) - Schools

21 and 22 May at 11.30am and 4.30pm (Sat, Sun) - Families

Portuguese Premiere


⇨ TICKETS ONLINE     Tickets: Schools 3€ <18 | 1€ Schools TEIP  |  Families 3€ < 18 | 7€ > 18  +info

Technique: Objects, shadows and new circus Language: Without words Age guidance: +4 (A classificar pela CCE) Runs: 35 min.


There is a square. Is it a house? There is sound. What happens inside?

A lid opens. Is there something inside? What is inside? 
Who is inside?

Hermit is an original, visual, funny and moving performance about a miniature house and its shy inhabitant.

He is not at home, but we do hear him.


Celebrating the joy of discovery, this is a gentle and moving performance about knowing how to be alone and feeling at home.

"A lovely theatrical treasure for all ages"
-Sara van der Kooi, Theaterkrant ★★★★★



Simone de Jong invents children’s performances and music theatre experiences for adults. Coming from music theatre and modern mime, Simone’s performances are about sound and imagination and are always addressing the senses in a secretive way. ‘Hermit’ has been shown in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Egypt, Italy and China, among other international festivals. Simone de Jong is also an author of children's books.




Direction: Simone de Jong Performer: Koen van der Heijden Set design: Erik Begemann Musical composition: Max Gramser Technician: Jacques van Room Photography: Moon Saris