mala voadora (Portugal)




3 and 4 June at 4pm (Sat, Sun) 


 TICKETS ONLINE     Tickets: 6€ to 8€ (with discounts)

Technique: Live animation Language: Portuguese Age guidance: +6 Runs: 40 min.


O papel do dinheiro [The paper of money] is a small story of the world on small pieces of paper.



The company mala voadora likes images, objects that convey images, collections of these objects, and the classification processes that, more objective or more sentimental, are used to order collections.


Images are two-dimensional and usually have a way of existing that is permanent; they are there, still. Theatre is not. And theatre can be transformed so that these collectable images become its protagonists. That is what we did in 2005, in philatélie, with a stamp collection, and that is what we have done again, now with banknotes. They are manipulated on a table, analysed, combined and displayed in real time, enlarged to large format, this time full of brightness, on a led screen. Also as in philatélie, we invited Miguel Rocha to write the text, and on that text he wrote:


"This journey begins on a banknote of 20 escudos, a green and very soft Santo António, in a story from the narrator's childhood in which the banknote is literally dissected into its constituents. After a brief presentation of the Portuguese banknotes before the euro, we set off in a caravel of 500 escudos. We arrive in China, where we will meet Kublai Khan and the origin of the flying paper. From here, we will set off on a dragon, on a journey that will take us from the frozen deserts to the southern seas. We will visit palaces, forests, penguins and, of course, the Queen of England. Each banknote offers in its details clues for new journeys, other stories and unusual discoveries. With banknotes losing visibility, how about doing something fun with them? Starting by observing the anatomy of the banknote, analysing the many and varied marks it bears, we take advantage of the volatility of the banknote to travel through the geography and story of the world."



mala voadora was founded by Jorge Andrade (actor, director and playwright) and José Capela (architect and set designer) and presented its first show in 2003. In addition to Portugal, its shows were presented in Germany, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Scotland, Slovenia, United States of America, Finland, France, Greece, England, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Poland and Czech Republic. In 2013, the building in Rua do Almada, Porto, was opened. In 2018, mala voadora is living a new phase of its journey, in which creates and programs in an integrated way. Its creations are characterized by a persistent speculate around what can be theatre. The company's work has been distinguished with awards, honourable mentions and nominations from multiple institutions.



Direction: Jorge Andrade Text: Miguel Rocha Performers: Bruno Soares Nogueira and Pedro Moldão Scenography and costumes: José Capela Sound design: Sérgio Delgado Technical direction: João Fonte Image editor: António MV Production direction: Cláudia Teixeira Production: Miguel Mendes e Sofia Freitas Communication: Sara Cunha Coproduction: LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões Company sponsored by: República Portuguesa - Ministério da Cultura | Direção-Geral das Artes