André Murraças (Portugal)




20 to 22 August at 9.30pm (Thu to Sat)

23 August at 7pm (Sun)

Tickets: 8€ / 6€ (if you buy 3 or more tickets for the shows at Teatro do Bairro). +info

World Premiere


Technique: Objects Language: Portuguese For audiences over: +12 Running time: Approx. 60 min.


Berlin, 1920's. The German city was a symbol of modernity. Cabarets and cultural life showed enormous freedom. Everything was allowed. A group of brilliant, avant-garde minds against the norms and sexually provocative, lived the best times of their lives. But then the Nazis came and everything was turned over. Most of them were sent to concentration camps. And then the question arises: what stories do the Nazi concentration camps kept from these men afterwards marked and labelled with a pink triangle on their chest?


Those until then known for their modernity and innovative minds have come to be seen as unsuitable by the new society. Doubly discriminated against for being Jewish and homosexual, these men were musicians, actors, dancers and even bankers. Most ended up having no future.


Their personal objects will tell the life that was taken from them. A photograph of a past profession, a compromising love letter, a diary hidden in a box. Through these objects, André Murraças tells the stories of these men whose lives were marked by their passage through the Nazi concentration camps. Who they were, how they survived the cloistered times and how those who managed to escape or who were later released came back to life.


This year is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp and the issues raised are still relevant. There is always someone who wants to force his superiority over others. And it is in such times that human beings do the most incredible things to survive.


O Triângulo Cor-de-Rosa [The Pink Triangle] is presented in the framework of Embrião Project - support for the creation of A Tarumba/FIMFA, which started in 2011, with the debut of three performances by Portuguese artists at FIMFA Lx11, in which André Murraças presented Teatro Noir. At FIMFA Lx17 he premiered Fantasmas at São Luiz Teatro Municipal (2017).


André Murraças was born in 1976. BA in Stage Design by Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, Lisboa. MA with Distinction in Scenography from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
He was director, playwrighter, set designer and solo interpreter of the following shows: O Criado, Santos e Pecadores, Teatro Noir, Sex Zombie - a vida de Veronica Lake, Um Passeio, Hollywood, One Night Only - uma rádio-conferência, Um Marido Ideal, Louis Lingg, Pour Homme, Swingers, As Peças Amorosas and As Palavras São o Meu Negócio. He directed and was responsible by the scenography of the play A number, by Caryl Churchill. He also wrote the plays Espectáculo Guiado, Coro, Império, Os Pássaros, Cândida - uma história portuguesa, Três Homens Sós, Film Noir, Os Inconvenientes, CinemaScope. He worked as a copywriter and screenwriter for television.




Direction, text, Set design, video and performer: André Murraças Edition and post-production video: Três Vinténs Production: Um Marido Ideal Acknowledgements: Filipe Bonito Coproduction: Projeto Embrião/FIMFA Lx - Festival Internacional de Marionetas e Formas Animadas/A Tarumba