Teatro de Ferro (Portugal)




28 and 29 August at 9.30pm (Fri, Sat)

30 August at 4.30 (Sun)

Single Price Ticket: 8€ +info

World Premiere


Technique: Objects, music, installation Language: Portuguese For audiences over: +12 Running time: 50 min.


Uma Coisa Longínqua [A Distant Thing] is inspired by a dream, in which some sculptures/monuments have decided to abandon the plazas between the great buildings of the metropolises of the planet. After their escape, the works of art gather in the desert in search of other possibilities for their existence in the world of things. Teatro de Ferro presents the first phase of its new show, with the collaboration of the composer Carlos Guedes, in a film-performance that attempts to understand the strange events starred by a group of emancipated objects.

"In this new creation we propose an artistic object that is a kind of epic and abstract poetry that celebrates the great exploits of a group of objects (creatures, creations?) in search of another place, or other ways to exist.


The adventures and misadventures of these enigmatic entities are revealed to us in the form of a film with parts recorded and others shot and projected in real time. These are animated and filmed sculptures. They go through different situations and scenarios that are also sensitive and sound spaces.


We could be talking about a utopia on a distant planet or a dream. This is a piece that starts exactly from a dream, or at least a fragment of the memory of a dream that I had. In this dream, some more or less monumental sculptures silently decided to abandon the plazas and atriums of the great buildings of the all-powerful multinational companies and global financial institutions based in the metropolises of the planet - Nola Gork, Blankfurt or Zankai.


After their escape, the objects, classified by some as works of art, gathered in the desert, willing to look for other possibilities for their existence in the world of things. In this film-performance we will integrate an expedition that was sent to try to understand the strange events starring a group of emancipated objects. "
-Igor Gandra, Teatro de Ferro



Teatro de Ferro was founded in 1999, with artistic direction by Carla Veloso and Igor Gandra. The choice of the name - Teatro de Ferro (Iron Theatre) - implies a notion of primordial, resistant and at the same time changeable matter: this transformation process continues to inspire them. The work of the Company has been developed in the theatre of, and with, puppets and objects. They conceive their practice in the logic of a research in which the puppet has assumed a matrix value in its possible hybridations, both tempted and tempting. The relationships - of the body interpreter with the manipulated object and the implication of each spectator in the building of this relation - are lines of thought that are transversal to the artistic practice of Teatro de Ferro. The company has the support of Ministério da Cultura, Direção-Geral das Artes, since 2003.


Carlos Guedes

Carlos Guedes has a multifaceted activity in composition and sound design, counting numerous commissioned projects for dance, theatrical performance, film and interactive installations besides conventional concert music. His creative work has been presented around the world in several shapes and forms. Carlos Guedes holds a PhD (2005) and MA (1996) in composition from NYU and a BM (1993) from ESMAE. He is currently Associate Professor of Music at New York University Abu Dhabi.



Artistic direction, scenography and puppets/sculptures: Igor Gandra Music and sound design: Carlos Guedes Set design and direction of assembly: Eduardo Mendes Manipulation and performers: Carla Veloso, Igor Gandra, Carlota Gandra, Matilde Gandra Direction and edition: Carlota Gandra Photography: Susana Neves Construction workshop: Hernâni Miranda, Maria Rouco, Mário Gandra Support: NYUAD’s Innovation Studio – New York University Abu Dabi, FIMFA Lx - Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto Extraordinary support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Câmara Municipal do Porto Coproduction: Teatro de Ferro, Câmara Municipal do Porto - Programa Cultura em Expansão Company sponsored by: República Portuguesa - Ministério da Cultura / DGArtes