Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

What a year...

Happy New Year!

★ Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! ★


We started the year partying and preparing the celebration of the 20 years of FIMFA and other projects.

2020 changed our lives, but we didn't stop. We managed to make a different FIMFA, the Descon'FIMFA, in a special summer edition, and one of the first festivals to be held after the lockdown. All shows sold out and nobody got sick! In between we still managed to present our Nose and other works outside Portugal.

We thank everyone who followed and supported our project! And to all the artists and spectators who participated in our Descon'FIMFA!

We are already preparing the next edition:

FIMFA Lx20+1 - International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms
Save the date: 4 to 23 May!  If the Covid let us!


See you next year in Lisboa!! Happy New Year!! Stay Safe!!