Oligor y Microscopía (Spain-Mexico)




5 to 8 August at 9.30pm (Wed to Sat)

8 and 9 August at 7pm (Sat, Sun)

Tickets: 8€ / 6€ (if you buy 3 or more tickets for the shows at Teatro do Bairro). +info

Opening Show Descon'FIMFA Lx20

Portuguese Premiere


Technique: Documentary object theatre Language: Spanish For audiences over: +12 Running time: 80 min.


How many seconds does it take to create and lose a paradise? 
A delicate theatre-cinema will take us on a journey through the secret life of objects landscapes and lost paradises. 

A fieldwork on holiday places currently in decline leads to a theatrical research on the concept of paradise. 
Jomi Oligor, from Hermanos Oligor (Spain) and Shaday Larios, from Microscopía Teatro (Mexico), return to FIMFA with their singular work,

made with objects, mechanisms and miniatures. Unmissable!

A journey through the secret life of objects, landscapes and lost paradises. The vision of something that no longer exists, or never existed, of a body that fades over time and can only be relived through the scraps in our memory. How many seconds does it take to create and lose a paradise?


La Melancolía del Turista [The Melancholy of the Tourist] is the decomposition of instants and objects that give shape to the idea of a paradise in our imagination. It is the product of fieldwork in a number of holiday resorts, now in decline, where the two artists gathered a series of traces that speak of the rise and fall of this mental fantasy.


Oligor y Microscopía take us on an intimate journey into the travels themselves. A small stage to scale where things appear and disappear in small bursts of light; shadows, analogue images, fragile mechanisms, miniatures made out of paper and tin. A delicate theatre-cinema, a game of dreams, which poetic inventiveness takes us back to the time when all our toys were alive.


La Melancolía del Turista is a gallery of images of what is left behind after the intensity of a sublime landscape that no longer exists, or never existed, of a body that fades over time and can only be relived through the scraps in our memory. But melancholy is also a suspended state of mind that accompanies exceptional moments, an active force that gives rise to the idea of reinventing and reinventing ourselves at these moments that break up the inertia of things.


Jomi Oligor, from Hermanos Oligor (Spain) and Shaday Larios, from Microscopía Teatro (Mexico), return to FIMFA with their singular work, made with objects, mechanisms and miniatures. Fiction and reality intertwine to create a speech full of creativity and delicacy.


"The melancholic detectives: Jomi Oligor and Shaday Larios investigate in La Melancolía del Turista the secret life of objects, landscapes and lost paradises (...).
La Melancolía del Turista makes us see places that were or tried to be paradises, like Acapulco, and that, little by little, became ghosts, swallowed by decay, but without ever losing their strange brightness. The couple's poetic machine shows photographs, postcards, toys, miniatures, shadows and music that rises in whispers, at dusk, like a light breeze. Objects and half-lights of a disappeared but eternal summer: one does not get to know what is lived and what was invented by them.
The theatre of these two artists is a delicate jewel of intimate ceremonies (..)."
-Marcos Ordóñez, El País


“In their new show, they immersed themselves in the theme of tourism, in the mental constructions that are formed before the expectation of traveling, in the illusions, in the anticipations, in the images constructed by those who will visit a new place. Impressions that later have little or nothing to do with what is found, producing a melancholy of what is imagined, of illusion. ”



Two companies that FIMFA has presented and whose work has been following since. Hermanos Oligor is a company dedicated to the poetics of objects which was created on the basis of the mythical show called Las Tribulaciones de Virginia, presented with great success at FIMFA in 2005 and 2010. Microscopía Teatro is a Mexican laboratory group for stage research that works with atmospheres of the intimate through objects, models, furniture, toys, mechanisms and shadows. It also implements schemes for social inclusion and stage philosophy through the values of miniaturization and the dissociative powers of the theatre of objects. Shaday Larios and Jomi Oligor, the two spirits of Oligor and Microscopía, started working together in 2013, after meeting at a festival in São Paulo and realising their work was following parallel paths. They both shared a particular interest for objects, memory, miniatures and fragility. Jomi and Shaday went into partnership to explore the documentary possibilities of the subject matter. Combining an artistic view with a more reflective dimension they have worked together on projects such as La Máquina de la Soledad, also presented very successfully at FIMFA Lx15 (2015). In association with the Catalan artist Xavier Bobés they also founded ‘El Solar. Agencia de Detectives de Objetos’.





Creation, construction and performers: Shaday Larios, Jomi Oligor Poetic collaboration: Ángel Hernández Inventive collaboration: Ivan Puig, Jordi Fondevila Music and sound collaboration: Suetszu & Jayrope Drawings: Pepe Oligor Photography: Oligor y Microscopia, David Continente Coproduction: Oligor y Microscopía, Patronato Municipal de las Artes Escénicas y de la Imagen del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, Iberescena, Festival Grec de Barcelona, Le Parvis, Temporada Alta 2019 and Pyrenart Acknowledgments: Guillermina Delis Barrientos, Juan Obregón “El Peque”, L'animal a l'esquena, Taller 30_SMA, Jordi Fondevila, Yanisbel Martínez, Claudio and Charo, David Continente, Gilberto Esparza, Cabo San Roque, Violeta Gil, Lirio and Martín, Aitor, La uÑa RoTa and to all the people, landscapes and beings that remain in the snapshots of melancholy