FIMFA Lx20 Postponed

20th Edition of FIMFA Lx - International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms Postponed

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), FIMFA Lx - International Festival of Puppetry and Animated Forms regrets to announce the postponement of its twentieth edition, which was due to be held from 7 to 24 May 2020, in which it would celebrate twenty years of existence.


FIMFA Lx is an artistic project of A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas, with artistic direction by Luís Vieira and Rute Ribeiro. During these past twenty years, FIMFA has become an international meeting point for contemporary puppetry, with the presentation of renowned national and international artists. The festival promoted the importance of puppetry and the connections with other artistic fields, like dance, visual arts, theatre and music, but it also revealed traditional companies and techniques that should not be forgotten.


The Festival was getting ready for a special edition with the presentation of about twenty companies, more than twenty performance and street shows, most of them in Portuguese premiere, in addition to two absolute premieres, with around 108 performances in several places: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões, Castelo de S. Jorge, Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta, Teatro do Bairro, Teatro Taborda, Cinemateca Portuguesa e Centro Cultural da Malaposta. In addition to a set of complementary activities which included workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions, cinema, artists’ meetings, among others.


It is the first time that FIMFA has been postponed, even in hard times of extreme financial difficulties, efforts have been joined that have always allowed its annual achievement. But now it's time to take care of each other and respect social isolation, so that we can quickly be together again. We would like to express solidarity with those who are fighting the epidemic at the frontline, and with those whose lives and jobs are at risk. We wish to unite our thoughts with all our supporters and partners, as well as all the cultural sector, artists, festivals, creators, for whom the current times are also of great uncertainty.


The programming and organization of FIMFA is especially well-thought out, requiring several months of preparation and intense work. We are currently holding talks with all the artists scheduled to be able to present them in the 2021 edition. However, we are also making every possible effort to still try to schedule some of these shows until the end of this year.


We wish to thank our public of all ages for their support and continuing to accompany us. We also thank all those who support FIMFA, the co-producers, partners, artists and teams.


We hope to be with everyone soon. Stay tuned and protect yourself! When it's safe, we'll be back!