Limite Zero (Portugal)



MUSEU DE LISBOA - Palácio Pimenta

8 and 9 May at 12pm and 4.30pm (Sat, Sun)


FREE ADMISSION ⇨ Attention: subject to space availability - you can make reservations  +info

Technique: Glove puppets Language: Portuguese Age guidance: Family-friendly +3 Runs: 20 min.


The Teatro Dom Roberto has been performed for about three centuries at fairs, pilgrimage spots, beaches and streets. The Portuguese glove puppet Dom Roberto is the cousin of Punch, Polichinelle, Pulcinella, Petrouska... The puppeteer uses a swazzle in his mouth to amplify his voice and produce remarkable sound effects. An unique opportunity to see this Portuguese traditional puppet!

The Barber
At his wedding day, Dom Roberto decides to go to the barber to have his beard shaved. After many incidents, the barber does his work and presents him the bill. Dom Roberto refuses to pay. They argue and fight and Dom Roberto ends up killing the barber. Death comes to take the victim away and wants to take Dom Roberto as well. A life and death fight takes place, and Dom Roberto obviously wins, and kills Death.

The Bullfight
This play describes the different stages in a Portuguese bullfight and its typical characters: the campino, the bullfighter, the horse rider and, of course, the bull!



Raul Constante Pereira learned the art of Teatro Dom Roberto with João Paulo Seara Cardoso.
He studied Visual Arts/Sculpture in FBAUP. Since 1984, as a puppeteer, director and visual artist, he participated in several projects for theatre, television and visual arts. He was responsible for editing, photography and post-production of the animation movie A Meio da Noite, directed by Fernando Saraiva, that won several awards in national and international festivals.
Raul is the artistic director of Limite Zero Associação Cultural, a cultural organization focused on implementing initiatives in several artistic fields. The activity extends to the production of theatre and animated form shows, video production and training. The company assumes its space as a place for crossing artistic languages, namely: dramatic expression, animated forms and video, of experimentation and training.


Authorship: Popular tradition Puppeteer: Raul Constante Pereira