Radar 360º (Portugal)



MUSEU DE LISBOA - Palácio Pimenta

22 and 23 May at 10.30am e 4.30pm (Sat, Sun)


FREE ADMISSION ⇨ Attention: subject to space availability - you can make reservations  +info

Technique: New circus, object, masks Language: Portuguese Age guidance: Familly-friendly +4 Runs: Approx. 45 min.


We have pictured three storytellers.

Their bodies and voices jump into the stories, acting and reacting through flights, twists and turns. Deviations lead us to other short stories. Suspension happens in both interaction and plot, surprising us every time. Time, in these stories, is either stopped or gone too fast… or suspended in the eyes of the audience sharing the adventure! What’s coming next?

A house resembling a small cupboard holds many secrets. The doors keep opening and closing, revealing and concealing characters and situations. At this dream-making factory the possibilities are endless and the only limits are your own imagination!





The company RADAR 360º was founded in 2005 by a collective of multidisciplinary artists, and works in the fields of physical theatre, street arts and new circus. The artistic directors are António Oliveira and Julieta Rodrigues. Their artistic activities are divided into the following areas: creation of performances; site-specific interventions; pedagogical and artistic workshops; research laboratories; reflection and practice on new dramaturgies.
Throughout its national and international trajectory, the company has been continuously touring since its foundation, holding workshops and performing in several countries.
The company was based between 2007 and 2015 at Fábrica da Rua da Alegria, in the city of Porto, with the institutional support of ESMAE and Instituto Politécnico do Porto. Radar 360 took part of the long-term residency program between 2015 and 2017, called Teatro em Campo Aberto, at Teatro Campo Alegre, promoted by Teatro Municipal do Porto. Since 2018 the company is based at Matosinhos council, with institutional support from the Municipality of Matosinhos.





Artistic direction: Joana Providência Performers and co-creators: António Franco de Oliveira, Filipe Caldeira, Julieta Rodrigues, Rui Paixão Scenery: A2G Arquitectura - Ângela Frias, Gonçalo Dias Costumes: Julieta Rodrigues Props: Suzete Rebelo Sound design: Flanco Technical coordination, set design and sound operation: Emanuel Santos / Hugo Ribeiro / Rui Azevedo Indoor lighting design: Wilma Moutinho Light operation: Wilma Moutinho / Luís Ribeiro Photography: Fernando Resende Coproduction: Teatro Maria Matos Support creation: Fábrica da rua da Alegria (ESMAE), Vera Santos