Thalias Kompagnons (Germany)


White as the night, bright as the black: where do pictures come from?


LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões

14 May at 10.30am and 2.30pm - Schools

14 May at 6pm (Fri) | 15 and 16 May at 11.30am (Sat, Sun) - Famílies

Portuguese Premiere


⇨ TICKETS ONLINE     Tickets: Schools 3€ <18 | 1€ schools TEIP  Families 3€ < 18 | 7€ > 18  +info

Technique: Live painting Language: English, with simultaneous translation into Portuguese by Luís Hipólito Age guidance: +4 Runs: 45 min.


Black and White. Bright and Dark.
A surprising show about light and darkness, front and reverse, give and take. A blackboard and a bucket of white paint are all that is necessary for an amazing journey with live painting to discover that the opposites can unite to build the world.

Black and white are the colours that play the main role, just with a few brushes, sprinkles and dots. A white spot turns into a rabbit, a house a whale or a cat. And the image is constantly changing.


Equipped with brushes and spatulas, the two opposites embark on a painting adventure, where not a single space will remain to be painted! A voyage of discovery for curious and intrepid travellers.


"It is amazing how little is needed to create images that surprise and delight young and adult spectators. For Joachim Torbahn, the Thalias Kompagnons 'master painter', all he needs is a black board, a tube, a bucket of white paint and a few instruments such as a brush, spatula or spray bottle. These essential tools are always present with a lot of imagination and a strong instinct for representation (...).
Kompagnons trust in contrasts as well as images, presenting an incredible game with foregrounds and backgrounds, reflections, lights and shadows. In this way, the imagination is skillfully stimulated with the imagination.”

-Nürnberger Nachrichten


"When white and black go on an adventure, can everything go well? Can there be harmony in so much contrast? And a bit of color and a blackboard are good for telling great stories, captivating, surprising and leading to a happy ovation? Yes, yes and yes! The pioneers of Nuremberg theatre, Thalias Kompagnons, prove this with their new production (...).
We watch delighted, while everything changes constantly, one surprise after another (...). A painter who never tires of guessing, a kaleidoscope that shines with a completely new beauty in the slightest twist. Each image is drawn and cleaned, wiped and scraped, sprayed and scrubbed, while the small explorers celebrate with surprise and joy (...).”



Thalias Kompagnons was founded in 1990 by Tristan Vogt and Joachim Torbahn as a professional freelance touring company. In 1997 the company (in partnership with Theater Salz & Pfeffer) opened their own theatre in Nurnberg, Germany. The company tours to festivals both nationally and internationally.
At FIMFA they already presented several creations, such as the opera The Magic Flute, in 2011.
Their productions present an interesting mix between puppets, theatre, painting, music and animation and with their shows of theatre/painting – live painting/music they have created a special synthesis of art and theatre.



Idea and performer: Joachim Torbahn Direction: Tristan Vogt Coproduction: Tafelhalle in the Kunstkulturquartier, Nuremberg Photography: Jutta Missbach, Bruno Weiss